Marcxell Construction

image3As General building company, MARCXELL CONSTRUCTION has the means to study, design and execution enabling it to offer its customers a comprehensive approach to the building process. MARCXELL CONSTRUCTION also guarantees the quality and security at various stages of construction.

The general contractor is organizing the project presentation by project management to his companions, his leadership and his subcontractors. This very early association allows all players to share customer expectations and creates an effective synergy between the parties, allowing them to be a true driving force.


Prototyping, management of technical interfaces with our consultants, the careful selection of implementation methods and materials used to anticipate problems, to integrate As customer expectations and control the quality set with the subcontractors. MARCXELL CONSTRUCTION and offer an optimized and relevant response to customer needs, ensuring timeliness.

Our company builds industrial and commercial buildings of 300 m2 to 20 000 m2 in all regions in the world. We work on behalf of architects, engineering offices, private contractors and local authorities and gouvements. We have our own workshop prefabrication and our own construction system.
Since 2009, our company carries out turnkey industrial buildings; water treatment plant and power plant. We design your project by leading a multidisciplinary team combining the skills of engineers, architects and financial groups.

In recent years, building owners require to carry out projects with companies.
To meet demand in 2010. MARCXELL CONSTRUCTION surrounded himself with business partners to form a team capable of responding to a tender for the completion of the restructuring of a shopping center in Angers in the neighborhood JEAN 23 in france on behalf of the SARA.
This multicast business with MARCXELL GROUP principal representative is the starting point of learning to gradually move towards the general contracting business.
In 2013, MARCXELL CONSTRUCTION has designed and produced a key automotive garage in hand in general business (VULCO FRANCE). This experience now allows us to realize housing and industrial turnkey buildings.
Moreover, MARCXELL CONSTRUCTION also works on design / production records for donors of private and public order.




International company of building and services, MARCXELL CONSTRUCTION through MARCXELL GROUP, master a wide range of expertise in construction and renovation of buildings both in the public and private.

General company

MARCXELL CONSTRUCTION, realizes all structural work works and civil engineering, similarly all operations in General and thus ranks as single point of contact providing overall management in all areas:

  • Residential (housing, accessions, social, students,...)
  • Industrial, commercial and administrative buildings.
  • Cultural and sports facilities
  • Schools and colleges
  • Car parks
  • Hospitals, clinics and retirement homes
  • Hotels
  • Agricultural equipment (elevators, cellars,...)
  • Luxury villas
  • Water and waste treatment plant

Born of the merger of the MARCXELL GROUP, MARCXELL CONSTRUCTION, displays a turnover of EUR 41 million in 2012 and has more than 270 employees. Its activity revolves around nine agencies located in five continents, two subsidiaries: engineering and architecture and a headquarters located in Atlanta and California in the USA soon.

January 12, 2008, the company joined the MARCXELL GROUP. This new shareholder which has a significant financial base will allow MARCXELL CONSTRUCTION to sustain its activities while maintaining its autonomy in the world.

Anxious to satisfy its customers and its partners, the company has triple certification quality safety environment for all of its businesses and its agencies since 2008. True to its values, confidence, ambition, respect and innovation, it is permanently involved in the development of projects in public-private partnership, in innovation and in the environmental approach.


Build the achievements of tomorrow

Design, finance, build and operate alongside its customers, that is the global offer proposed by MARCXELL CONSTRUCTION beyond the traditional sites.
The company is strongly positioned on PPPs (Public private partnerships) and in design-build projects. A project management cell allows:

  • control all legal and financial of different PPPs mounts: BEA (lease long administrative), BEH (lease long hospital), CP (partnership agreement), and DSP (Delegation of Public Service).
  • to support the architectural and technical design
  • to ensure the Steering and monitoring the work, exploitation of sites and expertise. Among the winning markets: gendarmerie of Fayence (BEA), the Hospital of Sainte - Ménehould (BEH), the complex construction (treatment of water and waste plant) Victor Hugo in Saint-Raphaël (first partnership contract (CP) with a common), the school group Paul Langevin to London (CP), 93 (CP) colleges...

Build sustainable

For several years, MARCXELL CONSTRUCTION has placed sustainable development at the heart of its strategy. Recruitment and training of its employees, conduct and organization of the projects, construction methods change, creating an internal high-level technical skills,... ways that allow MARCXELL CONSTRUCTION to guarantee the performance works that she realizes, to control costs and risks through its sites business responsibly.


Innovate to build

With for willingness to anticipate new technical, environmental and energy regulations, MARCXELL CONSTRUCTION relies on cross-cutting teams able to master the different repositories related to sustainable construction. At the same time, the company brings innovative and alternative solutions in constructive processes, energy systems and technologies of information and communication...

MARCXELL CONSTRUCTION is also interested in the control of operational risks with the use of appropriate business: synthesis and OPC (scheduling cockpit Coordination) tools.


International construction and Services Company
Employees 270 to 31/12/2015.
Turnover 2014: 41M €
Capital: €400,000
With triple quality safety environment certification and rating A++ by BMJ Core Ratings which measures the extra financial performance.