General company

MARCXELL CONSTRUCTION, realizes all structural work works and civil engineering, similarly all operations in General and thus ranks as single point of contact providing overall management in all areas:

  • Residential (housing, accessions, social, students,...)
  • Industrial, commercial and administrative buildings.
  • Cultural and sports facilities
  • Schools and colleges
  • Car parks
  • Hospitals, clinics and retirement homes
  • Hotels
  • Agricultural equipment (elevators, cellars,...)
  • Luxury villas
  • Water and waste treatment plant

Editing operations and real estate development

In private development business, MARCXELL CONSTRUCTION, door a measure and project turnkey for the end user (in VEFA or ICC).
MARCXELL CONSTRUCTION, through its structure, is positioned as a global operator on real estate development operations, planning and project management assistance. Coordinator of the multidisciplinary skills of stage design, construction, financing to exploitation, he accompanies the customer until the completion of the project.

Major projects

With the emergence of major projects, MARCXELL CONSTRUCTION has created SERTICO and M2J. True conductor of complex arrangements, this cell offers its management of contracts and technical know-how. At the support of the leadership of PPP and concessions of the MARCXELL GROUP, SERTICO provides design, construction, financing, maintenance and exploitation of major projects ranging from 10 to 58 years. His approach has the advantage of understanding the true methodological and economic dimension of the Act to build and combine project management performance and pragmatism of the constructor.
For each case, a project manager is appointed to coordinate the actions of all of the partners and be the point of contact of the customer: control of the project, control delays, budget management, since the bidding process until the delivery of the work.

Technical expertise

Management Technique of MARCXELL CONSTRUCTION, composed of a multidisciplinary team of 30 engineers, allows to control all the know-how related to the realization of complex works in phases studies, implementation, maintenance and operation. Dedicated and specific job skills that enable:

  • to guide the technical choice of the phase design and validate each step
  • to anticipate new technical, environmental and energy regulations
  • to master the different repositories related to sustainable construction and ensure that labels and certifications: THPE, LABELED and BBC Effinergie and HQE®, BREEAM, LEED®,...
  • to provide innovative and alternative solutions in constructive processes, energy systems and technologies of information and communication...
  • to ensure the Steering and monitoring the work, maintenance and maintenance of sites, technical expertise
  • to control operational risks using appropriate business tools: synthesis, OPC, technical audit...
  • to guarantee the best project at the best cost.