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Marcxell Construction - Abu Dhabi

Marcxell Construction - Project in Vietnam


  • Neighbourhood ORGEVAL in Reims
  • Island 14 Avenue of the Republic in Marseille
  • Residence Gallienice in Nice
  • Building the Sextant in Nancy


  • Renaissance Hotel in Rueil Malmaison
  • Kyriad Hotel in Magny Gelding
  • Hotel La Reserve in Beaulieu
  • Radisson Hotel in Nice

Complex Sports/Leisure Centres:

  • Cannes
  • Complex Aquatic Sports Center of Courcouronnes
  • Pool of Bagneux
  • UGC in Paris Cinema
  • The Odeon Theater in Marseille
  • Ciné 32 in Auch
  • The Congress Palace of Palace of Festivals of Cannes, Reims, Toulouse and Nice

Schools and Universities:

  • High School Paul Langevin in Seyne
  • Montreuil-sous-Bois College
  • College of Kedange on Canner
  • UFR Biology at Paris 13th
  • Science In. Reims to Laon Mermoz College

Water Treatment Plant:

  • Center II in Marseille
  • Zenora to Los Angeles
  • Ingemedia in Toulon
  • Office of SDIS Rabelais in Lyon
  • Offices Arenas in Nice

Shopping Centres:

  • Centre Commercial Marseille Grand Littoral
  • Mall The Tanners in Lille
  • Evry Mall
  • Mall St. Georges in Toulouse
  • IKEA Bordeaux

Industrial Buildings:

  • Eurocopter in Marseille
  • Farebersviller Glass Factory
  • Complex Grain to Briennon
  • Factory Unilin to Bazeilles

Major Administrative Facilities:

  • Theatre National Populaire in Lyon
  • Halles Bowls to Reims
  • Library of Thionville
  • Library Louis Nucéra in Nice
  • Hotel Bordeaux Police

Hospitals, Clinics and Nursing Homes:

  • Hospital Pastor in Nice
  • Nancy Maternity
  • Gerontological Pole of Périgueux
  • Nursing Home in Antibes
  • Center HGE in Pessac
  • EHPAD Rozoy-on-Greenhouse
  • GAP Hospital
  • Clinic Oxford in Cannes
  • The Brush in Cannes Hospital

Food Industry, Silos, Cellars:

  • Winery Vranken to Bouzy
  • Wine Center of Champagne in Chouilly
  • Champagne Duval at Beaunay
  • Chai Castle Thuerry in Villecroze

Prestige Books:

  • Villa Maria Irina in Roquebrune Cap Martin
  • Villa Excelsior in Cannes
  • Hotel of the Cap in Antibes

Carpentry Wood - Layout:

  • Bank of France in Reims
  • Disneyland Paris
  • Walked to the Wines of Epernay
  • Jardin des Plantes in Paris
  • City Hall and District of Reims
  • Museum of the Gendarmerie in Melun
  • University Paris 12th